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somebody would (just) as soon

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomebody would (just) as soonsomebody would (just) as soonformalPREFER used to say that someone would prefer to do something or would prefer something to happen I’d just as soon you didn’t drive the car while I’m gone. soon
Examples from the Corpus
somebody would (just) as soonThe dismissal of such people would stir up controversy the president would just as soon avoid.Fiercely individualistic, Texas would just as soon give back the Alamo as institute a state tax.And they would just as soon I was not there.After all, he delivers oil to you and would just as soon keep doing it.Absorbing Costs Self-defeating techniques yield consequences that most organizations would just as soon not deal with.And a lot of them would just as soon not get this junk e-mail.He would as soon not go.
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