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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomedaysome‧day, some day /ˈsʌmdeɪ/ ●●○ adverb  FUTUREat an unknown time in the future, especially a long time in the future I’d like to visit Japan someday. He hopes, someday, to have his own business.
Examples from the Corpus
somedayShe was pretending she would be all right someday.Mom also feels spurred on by the thought that someday Charlie will become aware of her career.We always knew that it would eventually happen, the Yankees losing another game someday in the World Series.Maybe someday our grandchildren will want to read these magazines.She thought that someday she would settle down.He asked himself how he'd feel if he found out someday that Emilio had kept his vow, always and for ever.We hold on to stuff because we're afraid someday the money will run out.Maybe someday, who knows, it may be interesting.
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