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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomeplacesome‧place /ˈsʌmpleɪs/ adverb [not usually in questions or negatives] American English spoken  PLACEsomewhere I must have left my jacket someplace.
Examples from the Corpus
someplaceYou better dump this car someplace.I know my glasses must be around here someplace.He's a professor of art someplace.I hoped we could go someplace.It is certainly possible to be someplace, any place and not be present in this way.I was someplace else, waiting.But you're going someplace just as good.He responded that he was very excited and knew he was going someplace special.A lot of people who use the guide are looking for someplace to eat.She lives someplace up near Portland, and I haven't seen her for years.I want to go someplace warm on vacation.All we know for certain is they come from someplace white.
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