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something about somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomething about somebody/somethingsomething about somebody/somethingCHARACTER OF somethingCHARACTER/PERSONALITYused to say that a person, situation etc has a quality or feature that you recognize but you cannot say exactly what it is(there is) something different/odd/unusual about somebody/something There was something rather odd about him. There’s something about her voice that I find really sexy. something
Examples from the Corpus
There’s something aboutThere's something about it that's delectably ... grown-up.There's something about one lighted window in an otherwise dark building that teases the imagination.There's something about the Western Loire that makes you want to savour every moment.These two paintings are almost nothing, but there's something about their quiet presence, which is insistent and compelling.There's something about this matter which could lead us to the gallows or on to the knife of some hired assassin.There's something about this that doesn't make any sense.There's something about those milestone birthdays that brings out millennial gloom rather than the gaiety in us all.