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something has much/little/nothing to recommend it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomething has much/little/nothing to recommend itsomething has much/little/nothing to recommend itBADused to say that something has many, few, or no good qualities The town itself has little to recommend it. recommend
Examples from the Corpus
something has much/little/nothing to recommend itThe hotel has little except price to recommend it.An alternative approach-optical fibre - has much to recommend it.As such, it has much to recommend it.But in terms of an effective solution the voting method has little to recommend it.It is plain that, in the long run, the gentle art of compromise has much to recommend it.This cooperative family decision-making has much to recommend it.In principle this format has much to recommend it, but in this case the practice has not been successful.Such a way of proceeding has much to recommend it, but scant progress has been made in that direction.Nevertheless, the principle of chisel ploughing has much to recommend it in the right conditions.
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