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something is a go

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomething is a gosomething is a goAmerican English spoken used to say that things are working correctly or that you have permission to do something The trip to London is a go. go
Examples from the Corpus
something is a goThe village church is gone, the orphanage is still standing, though one wing of it has been gutted by fire.Congress is going to take it out.Even the sweetest guy in the world eventually is going to make you angry, likely by Feb. 15.There is a commotion behind me, some one motions him to leave, there is a brief scuffle and he is gone.Vision - creating a sense of what the organisation is about and where it is going. 2.I just got word from our boss, and the trip to London is a go.Clearly, a character wearing a mask is going to have a tricky time with some Fel tests.Now the waiting is over: nobody is going back.For Information Technology is going to transform all our lives - we have hardly seen anything yet.
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