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something is the new ...

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomething is the new ...something is the new ...British English used to say that something is thought to be the new fashion that will replace an existing thing Brown is the new black (=brown clothes are very fashionable now). new
Examples from the Corpus
something is the new ...Is the new book also an autobiography?Campbell is the newest, but not the least experienced, congressman.Not a true part of the food court, but just a few paces away is the newest California Pizza Kitchen outlet.What is the new craze for grannies?The internet revolution has moved east, and Scandinavia is the new frontier.This is the new generation, who will run Lothian and maybe all Scotia when Macbeth is dead.Dilbert is the new management messiah.But best of the lot, if you like jokes, is the new supercar from Yamaha, which looks anything but super.
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