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something like

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomething likesomething likeAPPROXIMATELYnot much more or less than a particular amount syn about The machinery alone will cost something like thirty thousand pounds. He’s scored something like 60 goals this season. like
Examples from the Corpus
something likeSmith is already something like $10,000 in debt.In the USA something like 4000 such accidents occur each year.And it stands a better chance than most of lasting for something like a full five-year term.You grow up idealizing something like law.They got an unreal turnover, something like seventy-five million a year.It must have been something like that.We can tell Mr Goodwin to patrol the grounds in case he is dumped, tied up, or something like that.Well, something like the churning of the Nile River, which keeps on recreating the fertile farmlands at her delta.There was another example of something like this at one point a little earlier in the year.And it goes something like this.The project will take us something like three weeks.