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something/someone/somewhere etc or other

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomething/someone/somewhere etc or othersomething/someone/somewhere etc or otherused when you are not being specific about which thing, person, place etc you mean It’ll be here somewhere or other. We’ll get the money somehow or other. other
Examples from the Corpus
something/someone/somewhere etc or otherAlmost all our citizens are indicted for something or other.Calls himself Jack something or other.He did it not because he liked people that night but to make a moral point about something or other.Later on, we were on another job, looking after a defence minister from somewhere or other.Somebody else got a chocolate something or other.Nineteen fifty something or other convertible.Iris is off somewhere or other for the next few days.It was decided by someone or other that we would stay out at Lima with the grunts.
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