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something would not come/go amiss

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomething would not come/go amisssomething would not come/go amissinformal used to say that something would be suitable or useful in a situation A cup of tea wouldn’t go amiss. amiss
Examples from the Corpus
something would not come/go amissA last round of the rooms wouldn't come amiss.A little humility in the medical debate would not go amiss.A little thank you to the Ombudsman would not go amiss. --------------------.A tankful of petrol wouldn't come amiss.Adding a few seconds to your dev.time to allow for the stop, etc. wouldn't go amiss.An apology wouldn't go amiss.In this climate, a down-home bear hug and attendant back slapping probably wouldn't go amiss.This remained a most important consideration, but some relaxation of the original prohibition would not go amiss.
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