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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsometimessome‧times /ˈsʌmtaɪmz/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  SOMETIMESon some occasions but not alwaysoccasionally I sometimes have to work late. Sometimes, Grandma would tell us stories about her childhood in Italy. ‘Do you ever wish you were back in Japan?’ ‘Sometimes. Not very often.’ The journey takes an hour, sometimes even longer.GRAMMAR: Word orderSometimes usually comes before a verb: I sometimes see him at the supermarket.Sometimes can also come after the object of the verb: I see him sometimes at the supermarket.Sometimes usually comes after the verb ‘be’: She is sometimes late. Sometimes usually comes after an auxiliary verb such as ‘do’ or ‘have’: The government has sometimes tried to prevent newspapers from publishing stories.You can also use sometimes at the beginning or end of a sentence: Sometimes I see him at the supermarket.I see him at the supermarket sometimes.THESAURUSsometimes on some occasions but not alwaysSometimes, I wish I was still living in Tokyo.He sometimes plays football with my brother.occasionally (also on occasion written) used about something that only happens a few times. Occasionally is used when something happens more rarely than sometimesI prefer trousers but I do wear skirts occasionally.Occasionally, operations have to be cancelled.On occasion, prisoners were allowed visits from their families.(every) now and then/again (also from time to time) sometimes but not often or regularlyWe still call each other every now and then. Every now and again, an invention comes along which changes people’s lives completely.Even experienced doctors make mistakes from time to time.every so often sometimes at fairly regular periodsHe looked up from his book every so often.Every so often, a train whizzed past.at times if something happens at times, it happens sometimes but is not what usually happensThe job can be frustrating at times.At times I’ve wondered whether I made the right decision in moving here.(every) once in a while sometimes but very rarelyWe only see each other every once in a while.
Examples from the Corpus
sometimesTraffic noise is sometimes a problem.The journey takes about an hour, sometimes even longer.It was one of those still, lovely evenings that you sometimes get in October.He walked past the Harris house every day, whistling to himself, and sometimes he stopped to talk.Sometimes I drive to work and sometimes I walk.Sometimes I stay late in the library after class.And sometimes no purposeful movements result, in which case we talk of deep coma.Injuries of this type sometimes take a long time to heal.It seldom rings here, but sometimes the circulating nurse has to answer it and relay a quick question.Those who don't, aggravate the pollution, reduce the lives of their cars and sometimes their own lives too.However, men sometimes used this distinction to avoid thinking how to satisfy their partner physically as well as mentally.Sheraton sometimes uses canned broth, citing College Inn and Health Valley as her preferred brands.
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