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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomewhatsome‧what /ˈsʌmwɒt $ -wɑːt/ ●●● S3 W2 AWL adverb  QUITE/FAIRLYmore than a little but not verysomewhat larger/higher/newer etc The price is somewhat higher than I expected. Things have changed somewhat since then.somewhat of To say that I was surprised is somewhat of an understatement.
Examples from the Corpus
somewhatMost Holy Trinity parishioners see matters somewhat differently.Some might see it somewhat differently.Gloag had a deformity of the right arm and a somewhat high-pitched voice, but overall made a forceful impression.My husband has a somewhat higher opinion of Mr Jones than I do.The price is somewhat higher than I expected.The Titan was designed to use only storable propellants, at the price of somewhat inferior specific impulse.The ambassador looked somewhat irritated by the interruption.This year's celebrations should be somewhat larger than last year's.This is somewhat like making the target broader so that it becomes easier to hit.Employment here peaked in 1975 and had somewhat recovered from its lowest level of 1981 by 1984.The correlation here is somewhat subtle and depends on whether one is near to the bifurcation points or far from them.As we fall asleep our mental state becomes somewhat unpredictable from such gross measures.somewhat larger/higher/newer etcBird shot it would have been or somewhat larger.Plasma nicotine concentrations with Nicostop were somewhat higher.Starting salaries and annual earnings in the manufacturing sector usually were somewhat higher.Edgcote House, situated about 8 miles northwest of Brackley, was a somewhat larger house than Weston Hall.Clinton suffered an unusual tear that was somewhat higher in his thigh than typical, his doctors said.One month later a second satellite was launched into a somewhat higher orbit, of between 234 and 244 miles.Another somewhat larger sliver of flesh, the lancelet, also has one.Job dissatisfaction was somewhat higher than usual.
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