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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomewheresome‧where /ˈsʌmweə $ -wer/ ●●● S1 W2 adverb  1 PLACEin or to a place, but you do not say or know exactly where My wallet must be around here somewhere.somewhere to do something There must be somewhere to eat cheaply in this town.somewhere safe/different etc Is there somewhere safe where I can leave my bike? Go and play somewhere else (=in a different place) – I’m trying to work. We could meet for dinner at Giorgio’s or somewhere (=or a similar place).2 somewhere around/between etc3 be getting somewhere
Examples from the Corpus
somewhereCars went past in a hurry to somewhere.It's been in the mud somewhere.Weaving through the hills was the Owens River aqueduct, and somewhere along its course were the Alabama Gates.From somewhere along the corridor there came the sound of laughter.The concept of walking around looking somewhere between medium-rare and well-done is relatively recent.I know I saw it somewhere, but I can't remember exactly where.So I cast around for somewhere else and we found this, in a very poor state of repair.He survived and is now believed to be hiding somewhere in the United States under federal protection.I know their house is somewhere near here.She lives somewhere near Manchester.She needs to find somewhere to live before starting her new job.The pathfinder, hidden in the tree line somewhere, told us everybody was loaded and to take off to the left.He supposed it was somewhere under the rug, perhaps held on to by old Josh as some sort of comforter.or somewhereWe could go to the park or somewhere.Drive over and have lunch at Chichester or somewhere.They could transfer me to Detroit, or somewhere.They were in Pennsylvania or New Jersey or somewhere.Jack was most likely in there, or somewhere about.It became a cozy, happy center of operations, but Alvin insisted on meeting people downstairs or somewhere else entirely.You must have some friends at the Pentagon or somewhere in the military.It's scary; you'd think we were in Chicago or somewhere like that.For Sontag, the fact that a photograph exists testifies to the actuality of how something, some one or somewhere once appeared.