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somewhere along the line

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomewhere along the linesomewhere along the lineinformalDURING at some time during an activity or period of time Somewhere along the line, Errol seemed to have lost interest in her. line
Examples from the Corpus
somewhere along the lineSomewhere along the line, we just stopped talking to each other.And somewhere along the line, the street became an idea.Every accident may be regarded as the result of the action of a human being somewhere along the line.They accomplished great things in their time, but somewhere along the line they got away from us.But somewhere along the line they stopped laughing when they compared their own results with what we were achieving.But somewhere along the line, downhill skiing was too much of a chore and an expense.You missed your forte somewhere along the line, Meg.If he did, the probability is that his genetic inheritance played its part somewhere along the line.He and Wharton are related somewhere along the line.
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