Language: Old English
Origin: sunu


son S1 W1
1 [countable] someone's male child [↪ daughter]:
Her son Sean was born in 1983.
They have three sons and a daughter.
In those days, the property went to the oldest son.
their youngest son, George
son of
the son of a poor farmer

➔ like father like son

at father1 (7)
2 [singular] spoken used by an older person as a way to address a boy or young man:
What's your name, son?

the Son

RRC Jesus Christ, the second member of the group from the Christian religion that also includes the Father and the Holy Spirit
4 [countable usually plural] literary a man, especially a famous man, from a particular place or country:
Frank Sinatra, New Jersey's most famous son

my son

RRC used by a priest to address a man or boy

➔ favourite son

at favourite1 (2)

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