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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishson-in-lawˈson-in-ˌlaw ●●○ noun (plural sons-in-law) [countable]  FAMILYthe husband of your daughterdaughter-in-law
Examples from the Corpus
son-in-lawThe next move in social care planning was to advise the daughter and son-in-law to leave, applying to be rehoused.There would be literally no relationship between a man and his son-in-law were it not for his daughter, and so on.It was the nearest he had ever got to saying something to his son-in-law that was neither untrue nor offensive.Steve, you know, Mrs Files's son-in-law, who works there, he told me.Louis's son-in-law Bego became count of Paris and his foster-brother Ebbo became archbishop of Rheims.In the body of the adjoining church you will find the impressive tomb of Martim Mendes Vasconselos, son-in-law of Zarco.
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