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sonataso‧na‧ta /səˈnɑːtə/ noun [countable]  APMa piece of music with three or four parts that is written for a piano, or for a piano and another instrument a piano sonata
Examples from the Corpus
sonataHe ate lamb chops to the strains of one of Rossini's pre-adolescent sonatas.The Marcello is an arrangement of a cello sonata.The earliest music Hewitt-Jones acknowledged was a cello sonata written in 1951.He exploited the space in an echo sonata for three violins by Marini, a charming interlude, adroitly dispatched.A gentle Mozart sonata drifted round the room.In the eighteenth century, with the Stamitz family, the sonata form was already treated symphonically.Eighteenth-century products though they were, Beethoven's three sonatas of Op. 10 all pre-echo things to come in the nineteenth.a violin sonataThese are not violin sonatas as we know them, rather sonatas for piano with violin accompaniment.
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