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sonorousso‧nor‧ous /ˈsɒnərəs, səˈnɔːrəs $ səˈnɔːrəs, ˈsɑːnərəs/ adjective literary  Chaving a pleasantly deep loud sound a sonorous voicesonorously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
sonorousIt was not the breathing of a seventeen-year-old, that's for sure, but something more sonorous.His voice was sonorous, and long, flourished sentences came from his mouth perfectly formed.I take a stroll in the sonorous gardens.From time to time in the Life, he describes Johnson's voice as manly, or deep, or sonorous, or loud.This year a mere sprat of a northern lass won my heart playing hers out on a mighty and sonorous trombone.The outer door was open this time and a sonorous voice responded to his knock.And then there was the music, which would sound far more ample and sonorous when played indoors.
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