Language: Old English
Origin: sona 'immediately'


soon S1 W1 comparative sooner, superlative soonest
1 in a short time from now, or a short time after something else happens:
It will be dark soon.
David arrived sooner than I expected.
soon after
Paula became pregnant soon after they were married.
'Who?' 'You'll find out soon enough (=fairly soon).'
2 quickly:
How soon can you finish the report?
Try and get the car fixed as soon as possible.

as soon as

immediately after something happens, without delay:
As soon as she entered the room, she knew there was something wrong.
I'll come over to your place as soon as I can.

the sooner (...) the better

used to say that it is important that something should happen very soon:
The sooner we get this job finished the better.
Let's get out of here! The sooner the better!

the sooner ... the sooner

used to say that you want something to happen soon, so that something else can then happen:
The sooner I get this work done, the sooner I can go home.

no sooner had/did ... than

used to say that something happened almost immediately after something else:
No sooner had he sat down than the phone rang.

sooner or later

used to say that something is certain to happen at some time in the future, though you cannot be sure exactly when:
His wife's bound to find out sooner or later.

too soon

too early
too soon to do something
It's still too soon to say whether the operation was a success.
The holidays were over all too soon (=much earlier than you would like).

no sooner said than done

used to say that you will do something immediately

not a moment too soon/none too soon

almost too late:
'The doctor's here!' 'And not a moment too soon!'

somebody would sooner do something (than)

if you would sooner do something, you would much prefer to do it, especially instead of something that seems unpleasant:
I'd sooner die than marry you!

somebody would (just) as soon

formal used to say that someone would prefer to do something or would prefer something to happen:
I'd just as soon you didn't drive the car while I'm gone.

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