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soothsayersooth‧say‧er /ˈsuːθˌseɪə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  old useRO someone who is believed to be able to say what will happen in the future syn clairvoyant
Examples from the Corpus
soothsayerCate Blanchett is in cracking form as a soothsayer who sees more than just dead people.Why this has occurred is a topic of debate among classical soothsayers.But not even soothsayers know the fate of Hong Kong.This ambition was encouraged by the magicians, soothsayers and necromancers who clustered at the Imperial Court.Frazer describes the process of consulting the oracle at the sanctuary dedicated to the soothsayer Ampiaraus, at Oropus, Attica.The soothsayer interprets the position of sixteen nuts thrown on to the tray, which is covered with a thin layer of sawdust.
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