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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsophisticatedso‧phis‧ti‧cat‧ed /səˈfɪstɪkeɪtɪd/ ●●○ adjective  1 EXPERIENCEDhaving a lot of experience of life, and good judgment about socially important things such as art, fashion etc a sophisticated, witty American Clarissa’s hair was swept up into a sophisticated style.2 ADVANCEDa sophisticated machine, system, method etc is very well designed and very advanced, and often works in a complicated way sophisticated software a highly sophisticated weapons system3 KNOW somethinghaving a lot of knowledge and experience of difficult or complicated subjects and therefore able to understand them well British voters have become much more sophisticated.see thesaurus at advancedsophistication /səˌfɪstɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun [uncountable] a New York nightclub that was the height of sophistication (=very fashionable and expensive)
Examples from the Corpus
sophisticatedThe suave, sophisticated 60-year-old singer is still performing and drawing crowds.Everyone at the party was sophisticated and well-educated.The play is intended for a sophisticated audience.a play that will appeal to a sophisticated audienceSondheim's lyrics have a sophisticated brilliance.She was glamorous and sophisticated, but seemed a little lonely.Eye operations often involve the use of highly sophisticated equipment, such as lasers.He proposed to develop a sophisticated fishing industry.The missile has a sophisticated guidance system.Nothing beats black for the classic sophisticated look.However, it may give rise to the necessity for a fairly sophisticated mathematical calculation if a conversion table is not published.These developments in turn contributed to the rebirth of various critical and intellectually sophisticated neo-Marxisms in the 1960s and 1970s.Anne thought often about Sarah and her sophisticated partner on the Saturday night of the dinner dance.Even experienced and sophisticated readers have been known to have trouble with Thoreau's books.Develops the skills further, and pays special attention to more sophisticated sub-skills such as scanning a text.As a fourteen-year-old she had made her debut in a particularly sophisticated team, and went on to appear on Broadway.Really sophisticated users may like to invest in the ultimate communications link between the two systems, a local area network.And yet she subtly steered her boss towards a more sophisticated version of this.a sophisticated woman whose friends included many rich and famous peoplehighly sophisticateda highly sophisticated alarm systemSome of these are highly sophisticated and provide almost complete control of the duty cycle over a 100 percent variation.For more exotic dinner parties this one, or at least for those of a highly sophisticated and refined palette!A highly sophisticated and well-read composer such as Britten could be expected to look for his own Hofmannsthal.The highly sophisticated broadcasting industry offers an object lesson in the inadequacy of current standards of measuring public behavior.Nearly all large commercial banks now offer highly sophisticated cash management systems for their commercial accounts.They are highly sophisticated, crammed with electronics, and often carry their own helicopter.Prices range from $ 24.95 per month for entry-level hosting to $ 3,200 per month for highly sophisticated hosting services.However, the emplacement vessel or platform would need to be highly sophisticated - perhaps a larger version of the Glomar Explorer.
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