Date: 1300-1400
Language: Medieval Latin
Origin: , past participle of sophisticare 'to deceive with words, hide the true nature of something', from Latin sophisticus, from Greek, from sophistes; SOPHISTRY


so‧phis‧ti‧cat‧ed W3
1 having a lot of experience of life, and good judgment about socially important things such as art, fashion etc:
a sophisticated, witty American
Clarissa's hair was swept up into a sophisticated style.
2 a sophisticated machine, system, method etc is very well designed and very advanced, and often works in a complicated way:
sophisticated software
a highly sophisticated weapons system
3 having a lot of knowledge and experience of difficult or complicated subjects and therefore able to understand them well:
British voters have become much more sophisticated.
sophistication noun [uncountable]
a New York nightclub that was the height of sophistication (=very fashionable and expensive)

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