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sophomoresoph‧o‧more /ˈsɒfəmɔː $ ˈsɑːfəmɔːr/ noun [countable]  American EnglishSESSEC a student who is in their second year of study at a college or high schoolfreshman, junior, senior
Examples from the Corpus
sophomoreRyan Stromsborg, a sophomore from Notre Dame High, is challenging for a starting spot in the infield and outfield.This class is mainly for freshmen and sophomores.On the one hand, sophomore shows are getting better, as some of the third-year shows did before them.Ashley Greene, an Edgewater High sophomore, is confident she will pass the first time around.George dropped out of college his sophomore year.My sophomore and junior years, I was a two-guard.Johnson, a 19-year-old sophomore, was coming off his worst game for No. 7 Florida.
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