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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoppysop‧py /ˈsɒpi $ ˈsɑːpi/ ●○○ adjective (comparative soppier, superlative soppiest) British English informal  1 EMOTIONALexpressing love or emotions in a way that seems silly syn sappy American English a soppy film2 be soppy about somebody/something
Examples from the Corpus
soppyThey ranged from the sleazy to the downright soppy.The show is getting as sloppy as it is soppy.I was heartbroken when our dog died but I was determined not to be soppy about it.Really we think Bob Mould and Sugar Sugar are soppy and silly.After a few drinks, he got all soppy and started talking about the "good old days'.I couldn't think of anything else so I just bought her a soppy card and some flowers.Now she knew why Magrat Garlick had always worn those soppy floppy dresses and never wore the pointy hat.She never tired of listening to soppy love songs.Ain't Dolly a soppy name?Both are Hollywood-style productions, one a soppy Western, the other a slapstick item featuring a Chaplin lookalike.
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