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sopranoso‧pra‧no1 /səˈprɑːnəʊ $ -ˈprænoʊ/ noun (plural sopranos)  1 APM[countable] a very high singing voice belonging to a woman or a boy, or a singer with a voice like this mezzo-soprano2 [singular] the part of a musical work that is written for a soprano voice or instrument She sings soprano.alto, baritone, bass, tenor
Examples from the Corpus
sopranoAt 9, he became a busy boy soprano, beginning a six-year scholarship to a cathedral choir.With the Hebrides Ensemble and the remarkable soprano Lucy Shelton, more revelation was to follow.Yet the beneficent mezzo-soprano voice is not really the ideal instrument, and this soprano has a younger, fresher tone.The conductor was highly critical about her performance and Nilsson ended up a very unhappy soprano.Alessandra Marc, Deborah Voigt, sopranos.Across the aisle, Mrs Stych expanded her tremendous bosom to shout to the Lord in a wobbly soprano.
Related topics: Music
sopranosoprano2 adjective [only before noun]  a soprano voice or instrument has the highest range of notes
Examples from the Corpus
sopranoThen as now, the soprano and tenor saxophonist has thrived by constantly seeking new adventures and doing the unexpected.The standout title track features Cassandra Wilson plus soprano commentary by Greg Osby.Tenor and soprano saxophones. b. White's Chapel, Oklahoma, 1940.
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