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sore point/spot/subject (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsore point/spot/subject (with somebody)sore point/spot/subject (with somebody)UPSETsomething that is likely to make someone upset or angry when you talk about it Just don’t mention it – it’s always been a sore point with him. sore
Examples from the Corpus
sore point/spot/subject (with somebody)And now she had pierced her again in this sore spot.Graduate entry with resultant opportunities for promotion was then - as now - an especially sore point.The potential restriction of physician income is a major sore point.Tom gently washed Willie's body again and smoothed witch-hazel on to the sore spots.Finally, there are plans to provide custodians a sore point to enable the churches to open for two hours a day.It is still a sore point with both grandparents that neither Alice nor Henry have been baptized.This is a sore spot with me.
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