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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsorelysore‧ly /ˈsɔːli $ ˈsɔːrli/ adverb  VERYvery much or very seriously syn greatly Jim will be sorely missed. Sabine was sorely tempted to throw her drink in his face. Your help is sorely needed. Courage is a quality that is sorely lacking in world leaders today.
Examples from the Corpus
sorelyHer brief, elliptical poems, most written in the 1850s and 1860s, sorely discomfited some but greatly delighted others.But if he thought that he could goad a reaction out of her then he was sorely mistaken.The ability to leverage private capital has also come to be increasingly expressed in defense of sorely needed downtown redevelopment activity.It sounded like one of a series of novels for young girls that was now sorely out of date.Two hours is ample time, but walkers with interests in botany, geology or archaeology will be sorely tempted to linger.There were times when my temper was sorely tested.The Captain of the Diefrnbaker was sorely tried.sorely lackingWhat I discovered far too late in the game was that my child-rearing methodology was sorely lacking.Schools in Sao Leopoldo, the parents felt, were sorely lacking, and Joviane wanted to study medicine.An admirable state of mind that is sorely lacking these days.
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