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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsorrowfulsor‧row‧ful /ˈsɒrəʊfəl $ ˈsɑːroʊ-, ˈsɔː-/ adjective literary  SAD/UNHAPPYvery sad a sorrowful expressionsorrowfully adverb ‘A lot of damage has already been done, ’ he said sorrowfully.
Examples from the Corpus
sorrowfulDear one, be not so sorrowful.The Counts were well pleased at this; but all the people of the land were sorrowful.Tero followed them at a distance, watching her new friend with sorrowful anxious eyes.Not from irritation, but because she knew it was a lie, and felt sorrowful because of Alice.He looked like he was in his early forties with thin, wavy gray hair and a sorrowful expression.All societies are evil, sorrowful, inequitable; and so they will always be.Victorine roared with sorrowful mirth: oh what a story, well that certainly cuts out the Blessed Virgin.a sorrowful poem
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