2 verb
sort2 S1 [transitive]
1 to put things in a particular order or arrange them in groups according to size, type etc:
The eggs are sorted according to size.
sort something into something
Let's sort all the clothes into piles.
All the names on the list have been sorted into alphabetical order.
2 British English spoken to deal with a situation so that all the problems are solved and everything is organized [↪ sorted]:
Right, I'll leave this for Roger and Terry to sort, then.

sort something/somebody ↔ out

phrasal verb
1 to arrange or organize something that is mixed up or untidy, so that it is ready to be used:
We need to sort out our camping gear before we go away.
2 to separate one type of thing from another:
I've sorted out the papers that can be thrown away.
sort something/somebody ↔ out from
First sort the white things out from the other clothes.
3 especially British English to successfully deal with a problem or difficult situation:
She went to a psychiatrist to try to sort out her problems.
I'll be glad to get this misunderstanding sorted out.
sort yourself out/get yourself sorted out (=deal with all your problems)
I'm staying with a friend until I manage to sort myself out.
4 especially British English to succeed in making arrangements for something:
Have you sorted out where you're going to live yet?
She is trying to sort out childcare.

sort itself out

British English if something sorts itself out, it stops being a problem without you having to do anything:
Our financial problems should sort themselves out in a week or two.
6 British English informal to stop someone from causing problems or annoying you, especially by attacking or punishing them:
If he bothers you again, I'll sort him out.

sort through something

phrasal verb
to look for something among a lot of similar things, especially when you are arranging these things into an order:
Vicky sat down and sorted through the files.

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