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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsortedsort‧ed /ˈsɔːtɪd $ ˈsɔːr-/ adjective [not before noun] British English spoken informal  1 properly arranged or planned Good, that’s the accommodation sorted. Calm down. It’s all sorted. I just want to get everything sorted before I go away.2 provided with the things that you want ‘Can I get you anything?’ ‘We’re sorted, thanks.’sorted for Are we sorted for alcohol for tonight?
Examples from the Corpus
sortedHowever we soon were sorted and ready.get ... sortedYou will have to spend some time getting the suspension sorted.Get your problems sorted out here.I've still to get myself sorted out.I could work here then go up to London during the day and try to get things sorted out.I wanted him to be home with me, but I needed to get myself sorted out.It didn't take long to get things sorted out.She'd get this thing sorted out.Tom had been keen to take advantage of the medical facilities at Wiesbaden, if only to get his teeth sorted out.
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