Language: Old English
Origin: gesund


3 adjective
sound3 W3


sensible and likely to produce the right results [≠ poor]:
The book is full of sound advice.
a man of great integrity and sound judgement
ecologically/ideologically/theoretically etc sound
environmentally sound farming practices
a sound investment


British English
a) someone who is sound can be depended on to make good decisions and give good advice
sound on
He's very sound on matters of law.
b) informal someone who is sound is a good person and can be trusted - used especially by young people:
My mum's sound. She'd never throw me out.


[only before noun] complete and thorough:
a sound understanding of money and banking systems
a sound knowledge of English
He has sound grasp of European history.

in good condition

in good condition and not damaged in any way [≠ unsound]:
The floor was completely sound.
Is the building structurally sound?
sound as a bell British English spoken (=in perfect condition)


physically or mentally healthy [≠ unsound]
of sound mind law (=not mentally ill)
sound as a bell British English spoken (=in perfect health)


sound sleep is deep and peaceful
sound sleeper (=someone who always sleeps well)
soundness noun [uncountable]

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