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sour grapes

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsour grapessour grapesJEALOUSused to say that someone is pretending that they dislike something because they want it but cannot have it – used to show disapproval sour
Examples from the Corpus
sour grapesBrown said his rival's comments were just sour grapes.Whatever I say about my ex-wife will probably sound like sour grapes.Criticisms from ex-players, in my opinion, are nothing but sour grapes.This was sour grapes, a far-off voice of wisdom suggested.It may sound like sour grapes but I assure you I feel no bitterness merely disappointed.There is certainly no defensiveness nor any sour grapes from me or any of the Editing for Industry committee.Envy and sour grapes had their customary party.Are these just bad vibes and sour grapes or is hip hop just too naughty by nature for the mainstream?Already one began to hear the nickname Suicide Langford; but that was either sour grapes or silly sensationalism.Sounds like sour grapes to me.
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