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southsouth1, South /saʊθ/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [singular, uncountable] (written abbreviation S)  1 SGthe direction that is at the bottom of a map of the world, below the Equator. It is on the right if you are facing the rising sun Which way is south?from/towards the south By now, the army was approaching from the south.to the south (of something) Gatwick airport is a few miles to the south of London.2 the south
Examples from the Corpus
southThe specimen is believed to be a rough ground record for the south west.The socially mixed community now includes artists from Warsaw, doctors from the south, redundant miners and former prisoners.And just as many people from the south moved north.Only for taking coal from the hills in the south to the power station just over the ridge.Local flood authorities began bracing for the 1975 summer flood immediately after learning of the heavy rains to the south.To the south is the great bulk of Cadair Idris.to the south (of something)By comparison, the band is less than 5 metres thick in the sediment-starved centre of the basin to the south.The waggon door was close to the south end of the barn, serving crop storage areas to either side.Events to the south, on the border, are the focus of what sounds like an interesting bit of drama.Light moving air touched my face and drew my eyes to the south.It was suggested by proponents that such legal protection was no longer necessary and was an insult to the South.Heavy lorries thunder along motorways to the south.When Decelerating the compass will indicate an apparent turn to the South.We set off for a five mile run in the woods to the south of the camp.
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southsouth2, South ●●● S2 W2 adjective [only before noun] (written abbreviation S)  1 SGin the south, or facing the south a village on the south coast I am currently teaching in south Texas.2 DNHEMa south wind comes from the south
Examples from the Corpus
southOur office is located on the south side of the street.
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southsouth3 ●●● S3 W3 adverb (written abbreviation S)  1 SGtowards the south Most of the birds had already flown south.south of a seaside town 99 km south of London a south-facing garden2 down south3 go south
Examples from the Corpus
southThe window faces south.If so, go south about three miles to Bunker Hill Road.In 1209 the force under de Montfort marched south and attacked the pretty town of Biziers.Head east on Interstate 10 to just past Tucson, then south on Arizona 83 to Sonoita.Go south on Highway 1 until you get to Monterey.A well-graded road leads south, over a bridge, crosses the freeway and continues into the desert.The sun shone brightly as we cruised over the jungle north of camp and turned south to line up on row three.south ofHua Hin is about 120 miles south of Bangkok.
SouthSouth   the South