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southerlysouth‧er‧ly /ˈsʌðəli $ -ər-/ adjective  1 DNtowards or in the south Tara walked in a southerly direction.2 DNHEMa southerly wind comes from the south
Examples from the Corpus
southerlyThere was a mild southerly breeze.Water managers have already shut a gate north of the crash site to reduce the southerly flow of water.Land's End airfield, inset, is the most southerly of mainland Britain.The green itself was triangular, with the church of St Andrew standing at the southerly point.Horologium is far too southerly to rise over Britain or most of the United States.With the rain came a southerly wind, moderate at first but then steadily increasing until it built to gale force.Driven thirty miles north last night by continuing strong southerly winds.in a southerly directionThey are mopping up in a southerly direction.Two split off and went in a southerly direction.
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