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souvenir/autograph/bargain etc hunter

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsouvenir/autograph/bargain etc huntersouvenir/autograph/bargain etc hunterLOOK FORsomeone who looks for or collects a particular type of thing hunter
Examples from the Corpus
souvenir/autograph/bargain etc hunterAnd even if the signature is original it would only be of value to an autograph hunter not an art collector.Read in studio Antique dealers and bargain hunters have been looking through the belongings of the late Robert Maxwell.During a recent visit he was mobbed by autograph hunters.Local militia had to protect it against enthusiastic souvenir hunters.Edgewater and Oak Hill have ordinances to protect possible archaeological sites from souvenir hunters.Police even stopped one souvenir hunter cycling off with the ship's compass tucked under his arm.Tokyo broke a three-day losing streak as the bargain hunters picked up blue chips and tech stocks, writes Ken Hijino.For the bargain hunter, plenty.
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