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sovietso‧vi‧et /ˈsəʊviət, ˈsɒ- $ ˈsoʊ-, ˈsɑː-/ noun [countable]  PGOan elected council in a Communist country
Examples from the Corpus
sovietGavriil Popov, a radical economist, had been elected chair of the Moscow city soviet on April 20.In defiance, on March 24 the executive committee of the Moscow city soviet authorized the Manezh Square rally.Vyacheslav Komissarov as Moscow's police chief, responsible to Moscow city soviet.The effect of the decree was to wrest control of Moscow's police force from the city soviet and the regional soviet.They had established new institutions, new parties, soviets, and unions.Similar soviets had emerged in other cities earlier in the year, but that of St Petersburg took on unique importance.It worked in close co-ordination with the government bureaucracy and with the soviets.
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SovietSoviet adjective  SANrelating to the former USSR (Soviet Union) or its people
Examples from the Corpus
SovietThese are among the findings by the city's Nature Conservation Council on the state of the environment in the Soviet capital.The official told him he was not yet being considered for Soviet citizenship.Decidedly, Nizan's belief in the moral integrity of Soviet foreign policy was total.A quidproquo arrangement of the latter kind could prove attractive to Soviet leaders.That Soviet ships dumped nuclear waste in the area has been suspected for many years.
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