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soy sauce

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soy saucesoy sauce /ˌsɔɪ ˈsɔːs $ ˈ../ (also soya sauce British English) noun [uncountable]  DFFa dark brown liquid made from soya beans that is used especially in Japanese and Chinese cooking
Examples from the Corpus
soy sauceSeason to taste with salt and soy sauce and cool.It might be dressed with salsa, marinated in soy sauce, stuffed with cheese or laced with peanut butter.If desired, pour a little soy sauce over the couscous before serving.So, to bring out the best in your cooking make sure you use the purest soy sauce, Kikkoman Soy Sauce.Pour in a little of the stock and add the soy sauce.Add the soy sauce, brown sugar and vinegar, and process again.Add the seasonings and the soy sauce, then gradually stir in the olive oil; add lemon juice.Place the steak in a shallow baking pan and pour the soy sauce marinade over it.
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