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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspadeworkspade‧work /ˈspeɪd-wɜːk $ -wɜːrk/ noun [uncountable]  WORK HARDhard work that has to be done in preparation before something can happen syn legwork Most of the spadework had been done by 1981.
Examples from the Corpus
spadeworkBy 1981 much of the intellectual spadework for the Reagan presidency had been done.The intellectual spadework for a compromise on Jerusalem has been done; the ingredient the process has lacked is not time.Two scholars have done some particularly valuable linguistic spadework.As things are, he has not only to invent his method, but also do most of the spadework for himself.Most of the spadework in the research was done by grad students.Meanwhile the soldiers were getting some help with the spadework.They helped dig the badgers' new home ... there were also a few young recruits on hand to help with the spadework.She helped with the spadework in the early days of the Wisley garden, I had learned.With Husqvarna, that pleasure comes without the spadework.
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