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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspankingspank‧ing1 /ˈspæŋkɪŋ/ noun [countable, uncountable]  the act of hitting a child on their bottom with your open hand, as a punishment If you don’t stop that noise, you’ll get a spanking!
Examples from the Corpus
spankingBut you wouldn't call that a spanking.Parents typically use threats and spankings when they feel powerless and angry.Bondage, beating, whipping and spanking.When they misbehave, we resort to various sanctions, including old-fashioned spanking at times.Still, I was willing to risk spankings for a taste of what I thought was out there.get ... spankingIf you do that again, you're going to get a spanking!
spankingspanking2 adverb informal  1 spanking new2 spanking cleanspankingspanking3 adjective British English   at a spanking pace/rate
Examples from the Corpus
spankingThere is a plan to clear the site to make way for a spanking new conference centre.That he was wearing a spanking new snap-brimmed fedora.In the distance, ponies in long-shafted light chariots trotted at a spanking pace, the wheels spinning around.Jules, entering into the charioteer spirit, drove standing up and the mare went along at a spanking trot.Along a side street there prowled, one recent morning, a spanking white Rolls-Royce.
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