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spare key/battery/clothes etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspare key/battery/clothes etcspare key/battery/clothes etcMORE/EXTRAa key etc that you keep in addition to the one you usually use, so that it is available if the one you usually use breaks, gets lost etc a spare key Bring a towel and some spare clothes. a supply of spare batteries a spare tyre spare
Examples from the Corpus
spare key/battery/clothes etcIt may include parts of larger support weapons such as mortars, radio equipment and spare batteries.Some people take a fully charged spare battery along with them just in case!Carrying spare batteries could be a cheaper option to fast charging and all chargers rely on a power point anyway.I'd got no money, no night things, no spare clothes, no bank card.Soon she took my visits for granted and I was given the spare key to let myself in the door.Make sure you have a supply of spare batteries too.Eventually, the spare key was found and they were released from the clutches of the car.Remember that I had always intended to leave spare key with the Twills next door but never got round to it.
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