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speak/ask/answer etc directly

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeak/ask/answer etc directlyspeak/ask/answer etc directlyEXACTto say exactly what you mean without trying to hide anything Jeff has a job in mind, but refuses to say directly what it is. directly
Examples from the Corpus
speak/ask/answer etc directlyIn fact, a Harvard spokesman confirmed her admittance only when asked directly.Dole spoke directly about his age, saying 73 years of life are not a liability.Even when asked directly, as they were by Carol Hong, employees misrepresented the costs, her lawsuit alleges.Although they never spoke directly of Lachlan, each knew the other's mind; though not as well as she believed.They seem to speak directly out of the dark into your ears or mine alone.Later she spoke directly to Rachel.This is, however, a book that speaks directly to the home cook looking for new challenges and tastes.When asked directly what were their visions of Howdendyke's future, interviewees made fairly consistent replies.
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