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speak in tongues

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeak in tonguesspeak in tonguesRRCto talk using strange words as part of a religious experience tongue
Examples from the Corpus
speak in tonguesThe first time I ever heard anyone speak in tongues I found it strange, fascinating, and a little frightening.Nor did he invent that particularly intense expression of yearning called speaking in tongues.Hearing people in the church speak in tongues fascinated me.They prance about with their eyes closed, speaking in tongues.He seems transformed, as though he is speaking in tongues.When he is speaking in tongues, the pattern is always the same.Teenage girls returned from that camp with stories of speaking in tongues and exorcising evil spirits.And, for the first time in eighteen years, she spoke in tongues.If you spoke in tongues you were baptized by the Spirit, if you did not you were not.
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