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speak the same language

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeak the same languagespeak the same languageif two people or groups speak the same language, they have similar attitudes and opinions speak
Examples from the Corpus
speak the same languagePolitically they are our enemies, but when it comes to trade I think we speak the same language.His actions now speak the same language.If we're to communicate, you and I, we have to be sure we're speaking the same language.They seemed to speak the same language.Very likely he expects a bambina - even Constanza found they didn't speak the same language any more.Some one from industry might be seen by employers as speaking the same language as they do themselves. 5.When your sales, marketing, and production people are all speaking the same language, it pays real dividends.They spoke the same language of progress, and shared a cautious trust that they knew could be relied on.We speak the same language, share similar interests.
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