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speak/think well of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeak/think well of somebodyspeak/think well of somebodyAPPROVEto talk about someone in an approving way or to have a favourable opinion of them Sue has always spoken well of you. well
Examples from the Corpus
speak/think well of somebodyIf they did this particularly well, analysts were thought well of by their bosses.Why was it so important to her whether I thought well of her or not?It was important to him to know this, because he wanted her to think well of him.The Newleys' acquaintances spoke well of the dead in order to think ill of the living.Ensure they speak well of us rather than denigrate us to their friends.Instead, we were awkward and seething-which didn't encourage scouts, barbers or anyone to speak well of us.She speaks well of you, and I am uneasy.Uncle Brian always thought well of you.
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