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speak volumes (about/for something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeak volumes (about/for something)speak volumes (about/for something)EXPRESSif something speaks volumes, it clearly shows the nature of something or the feelings of a person What you wear speaks volumes about you. speak
Examples from the Corpus
speak volumes (about/for something)The 8 successful trips so far speak volumes.Other than the face, hands are the most visible part of one's body and invariably speak volumes about a person.But the juxtaposition of the two buildings speaks volumes about the rapid disappearance of regional, vernacular, even weirdo architecture.Your body language will speak volumes about your happy state. 4 Inhibition decreases.Jack's tone spoke volumes, but Polly was trying not to listen.The perpetual grin and I-just-won-the-lottery look on his face spoke volumes: The guy was ecstatic.His grin spoke volumes to the back row.Often, though, he speaks volumes when he chooses not to speak at all.
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