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speak your mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeak your mindspeak your mindto tell people exactly what you think, even if it offends them He was a tough politician who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. speak
Examples from the Corpus
speak your mindWhat does one say in a culture that hesitates to speak its mind?Sam has never been shy about speaking his mind.She's very direct and believes in speaking her mind.We thought that the process of filming might stop people from speaking their minds.Dean Shearer was a man of compassion, humility and integrity who was never afraid to speak his mind.Even if they disagree sometimes with what he says, they like a candidate who speaks his mind.He dawdled, afraid to say no or resist her or speak his mind.Nizan generally spoke his mind and refused to pull his punches.The company insists Vinik spoke his mind at the time comments were made and he simply changed his opinions.Larry isn't afraid to speak his mind, even in front of the boss.With Freemantle Leapor could easily speak her mind; to have the same confidence with new readers would take time.She believes in speaking her mind, which makes her very unpopular.
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