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specialityspe‧ci‧al‧i‧ty /ˌspeʃiˈæləti/ ●○○ noun (plural specialities) [countable] British English  1 DFFa type of food that a person, restaurant, or area is well known for syn specialty American English The restaurant offers a wide variety of local specialities. the region’s speciality cheesesee thesaurus at food2 SEKNOW somethinga subject or job that you know a lot about or have a lot of experience of syn specialty American English Preston’s speciality was night photography.
Examples from the Corpus
specialityRhineland dishes are a speciality of restaurant and there's a superbly comfortable bar.The home-made bread, pies and puddings are a speciality.The Jakarta operation is geared up to serve protection coatings, marine, packaging and speciality industrial end-users.Maybe sports comedy will become his speciality.Two years ago women still made up only 17 % of consultants in medical specialities in hospitals.There he built a model farm specialising in truffles - the regional speciality - potatoes and nuts.But it took writers, editors and phrase-makers, all New York specialities, to provide content.
From Longman Business Dictionaryspecialityspe‧ci‧al‧i‧ty1 /ˌspeʃiˈæləti/ noun (plural specialities) [countable] British English a subject or skill that you know a lot about or have a lot of experience of SYN SPECIALTY AmEMy speciality is international tax law.specialityspeciality2 adjective [only before a noun] British EnglishCOMMERCE1speciality products are special or unusual in some way, and are therefore usually expensivea range of speciality paints2speciality shop/restaurant a shop or restaurant that sells unusual products or food that are special in some way
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