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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspecializedspe‧cial‧ized (also specialised British English) /ˈspeʃəlaɪzd/ ●○○ adjective  KNOW somethingtrained, designed, or developed for a particular purpose, type of work, place etc specialized training for specific jobs the highly specialized plants that live in desert areas
Examples from the Corpus
specializedThat will require significant investment in specialized accommodation, social work input and health care.Within large companies the need for in-house, highly specialized computer expertise is waning.Power and prestige differentials are essential for the coordination and integration of a specialized division of labour.A wide variety of jobs are undertaken, ranging from 100,000 copy reprints of dictionaries, to specialized runs of a few hundreds.The single-subject academic course is largely confined to the universities, reflecting their traditions of specialized scholarship and their stronger research orientation.Many of the employees receive specialized training in programing.She speaks several languages and partakes of many specialized vocabularies in the context of her daily existence.highly specializedIn large organizations, their duties may be highly specialized.Within large companies the need for in-house, highly specialized computer expertise is waning.Jochen Schleese might be described as a highly specialized custom tailor.Essentially, each code word is a separate, highly specialized entity.Does the future lie with diversified financial conglomerates or with highly specialized financial institutions?A few living jawless fish are the only remnant of this ancient group, and they are highly specialized forms.This is particularly important in a field where many of the demands made by users are highly specialized in nature.The agency helps businesses fill highly specialized positions.It is interesting that such distinctions are most clearly and most confidently made in relatively complex and highly specialized societies.
From Longman Business Dictionaryspecializedspe‧cial‧ized /ˈspeʃəlaɪzd/ (also specialised British English) adjective designed or developed for a particular purpose or type of workThe company sells specialized computer softwarehighly specialized financial institutions
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