1 for one particular purpose, and only for that purpose:
specially trained police dogs
specially designed/built/made etc
The boats are specially built for the disabled.
2 spoken much more than usual, or much more than other people or things [= especially]:
He specially liked the pie.
see usage note especially

especially, specially
It is better to use especially in front of adjectives to emphasize them, although some people also use specially The cake was especially good. This part is especially interesting.Use especially to say that something applies more to one thing or situation than to others Everyone loved it, especially the children. You should call first, especially if you're going to be late.Use specially to say that something is done or made for a particular purpose I got this specially for you. specially designed equipment!!Especially never comes at the start of a sentence He loves fruit. He especially likes kiwis (NOT Especially he likes ...).See also especially

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