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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeciallyspe‧cial‧ly /ˈspeʃəli/ ●●○ adverb  1 ESPECIALLYfor one particular purpose, and only for that purpose specially trained police dogsspecially designed/built/made etc The boats are specially built for the disabled.2 spokenESPECIALLY much more than usual, or much more than other people or things syn especially He specially liked the pie.
Examples from the Corpus
speciallyThe patients had difficulties in obtaining specially built shoes.a new range of beauty products specially designed for teenagersWe're introducing a new range of beauty products specially designed for teenagers.The kayaks are specially designed for use in the ocean.This day boat is specially designed to carry up to eleven passengers, six of whom could be in wheelchairs.Positive financial incentives in the form of specific grants from a specially established Department of Health Fund would certainly help.Tyler recommended that pesticide tests be developed specially for hot countries.I bought it specially for you.We ordered pizza specially for you.Heavy fatty deposits can be broken up by the use of caustic cleaners sometimes specially formulated and described as drain cleaners.Did you get your ring specially made?Why, after all, should public bodies be specially protected from the grievances of citizens who feel strongly enough to litigate?Customs officers use specially trained dogs for drug searches.We specially wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre.You really need a car - specially when you live a long way from the nearest town.specially designed/built/made etcThere were also observers in the air, in helicopters or specially designed aircraft.Remember any special needs of handicapped people such as drinking cups and specially designed cutlery.Aqua has been specially designed for oily skins.There are also chapters on promotional picks, and plectrums customized and specially designed for thumb and finger.Beneath them the underside of the command module comprised a specially designed shield that protected them from the heat of re-entry.These are specially designed to cradle the fish securely in a comfortable position without wiping away a great deal of their protective mucous.Since these substances are specially designed to kill life, their presence in our food is hardly beneficial.
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