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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspecificallyspe‧cif‧ic‧ally /spəˈsɪfɪkli/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL adverb  1 ONLYrelating to or intended for one particular type of person or thing only advertising that specifically targets children2 DETAILin a detailed or exact way I specifically asked you not to do that!3 [sentence adverb]EXACT used when you are adding more exact information Specifically, the department wanted answers to the following questions.
Examples from the Corpus
specificallyClearly, though, future Budgets may well include measures specifically aimed at expatriates.Many adverts are specifically aimed at women, supposedly because they do most of the shopping.The five-page statement, delivered to radio stations in Medellin, did not specifically claim responsiblity for the blast.This research is concerned with the special occasions when people specifically close a topic.Intel built the computer specifically for the movie.In 1903 the Poplar Guardians leased for one year a new workhouse specifically for the use of able-bodied men.The pattern they follow is instinctive and also specifically geographical.In the next chapter I want to explore the question of the cultural boundaries between dirfferent subjects. Specifically I will look at what we mean by the terms "art" and "science".We're talking about money - specifically, the money we need to repair our schools.This will only happen if management allocates specifically to the activity, and subsequently ensures that it is carried out.Kerr said he specifically told employees to keep the door locked.More specifically, we lack competitive export credit guarantees in comparison with other countries.
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