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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeciousspe‧cious /ˈspiːʃəs/ adjective formal  FALSEseeming to be true or correct, but actually false syn misleading a specious argument
Examples from the Corpus
speciousThe hasty flight to apparently universal rules often gives philosophical notions only a specious air of universality.In the Middle East crisis de Gaulle adopted a specious and unpopular neutrality.So a dangerous tolerance of error and a specious attitude of humility towards truth has arisen.There was a specious ease about everything, like the moment just before something was going to explode.All that is needed is a positive approach and an end to the specious fear of isolation.specious logicEven so, the size-and-weight-of-head argument is a rather specious one.In the history of ideas, it is always specious to divide matters into a before and an after.
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